CrossFit ATR – Kids CrossFit (8:30am-9:15)

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Lead kids in 5-6 different movements in the style of :45 work, :15 rest.

We used air squats, shoulder taps, sit ups, burpees, plank, high knees.



Wall-facing handstand holds progression.

Have kids lay face down, away from the wall with feet touching the wall. Have kids perform a wall walk, getting their nose as close to the wall as they are comfortable with. Allow kids to try 4-5 times, allowing them to hold up to :10 if strength allows.

Metcon (Time)

Shoot/burpee game!

Use a 5 gallon bucket, and break the class into 2 groups. Setting a line about 5 feet from the bucket, allow the kids to shoot a light (dodgeball) one at a time into the bucket. If they miss, they must perform 3 burpees before returning to the line. First team to 5 made baskets wins.