“Knowledge is Power & Form Means Everything”

CrossFit ATR prides itself on teaching great form and technique. We care for our athletes and do not want a lack of knowledge or proper form to result in an injury. All new members, regardless of fitness level or athletic background, must attend our CrossFit “Foundations” program. Foundations is 2 private (just you and a coach) one hour sessions. Think of this program as an in-depth lifting school. The Foundations sessions consist of Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, individualized mobility and more. Each movement is broken down for the new student and then drilled until he or she has a good understanding of the principles. At this point, we will introduce and break down the “Queus” for each movement as well as any suggested scaling to be use in our group classes. This allows for an easy transition into CrossFit group classes. During the Foundations coaches will also take the time to learn each athlete’s current and past physical fitness. For more information reach us at