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1 Round:

– 2:00 Machine of Choice

– 10E Bird Dog w/:01 Pause at Extension

– 10E Staggered Stance Single Arm KB RDL

– 10E KB Goblet Split Squat

– 20’E Single Arm OH + Front Rack + Farmer Carry (R)

– 20’E Single Arm OH + Front Rack + Farmer Carry (L)


* Athlete Notes: Take 10:00 to practice Rope Climb Technique. Sit on a box and practice your foot clamp, stand to support, or perform half assents. If you excel at Rope Climbs, perform an 8:00 EMOM of 1-2 Rope Climb each minute. You can even choose to use a weight vest if you want an extra challenge.

Metcon (Checkmark)

A) 10:00 AMRAP:

– :30 HS Hold

– 25 Abmat Sit-Ups

– 12/9 Calorie Ski

* REST 2:00

B) 10:00 AMRAP:

– 15 Russian KB Swings (53/35)

– 20 Alternating Lunges

– 12/9 Calorie ECHO/C2 Bike

* REST 2:00

C) Accumulate 5:00:

– Double KB Farmers Hold (53/35)
* Athlete Notes: This is not scored. The goal of this is to pick scaling options that allow you to move with little to no resting for each 10:00 AMRAP. When moving to the final piece (C), use moderate weights that you think you might just have a chance not to ever need to drop.


Minute 1: :20E Twisted Cross

Minute 2: :20E Thread the Needle

Minute 3: :45 Cat/Cow Transitions