Murph WOD and BBQ on Monday 5/30: We are running 4 heats staggered every 30 minutes (9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am). There will be a 25 MEMBER limit on each heat. Your friends and families CAN workout in your heat. This means there will potentially be more than 25 people in each heat but will give us a rough limit on athletes. You, as a MEMBER, MUST register for a time slot. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN on 5/30 for the heats. 

CrossFit ATR – CrossFit

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1a.) Before Class Hour

– Foam Roll: T-Spine/Lat/Hamstring/Calf

– Side Lying Thoracic Windmill: 2 X 8E

– Single Leg Stand: 2 X :30E (Eyes closed if possible)


1.) 1 Round (0:00-14:00)

– 2:00 Run/Ride/Row (1:00 EASY, then increase pace every :15)

– 15E Side Lying Hip Abduction/Adduction

– 15 Scapular Pull-Ups

– 12E Deadbug w/Change Plates

– 6E Super Lunge

With the remaining time, quickly brief S.F.P and then have athletes start performing light warm-up sets for Back Squat.


Back Squat


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3.) Gamora

12:00 AMRAP: (40:00-52:00)

– 10/8 Calorie Bike

– 8 T2B

– 6 Double DB Box Step Overs (50/35)

* Level 3: RX

* Level 2: Knee Raises, DB (35/25)

* Level 1: Knee Raises, Single DB (25/15)

* See workout notes below.
* Allow 4:00 for athletes to transition to Adaptation.


4.) (56:00-60:00)

Minute 1: :45 Couch (R)

Minute 2: :45 Couch (L)

Minute 3: :20E Thread the Needle

Minute 4: :45 Puppy Pose


S.F.P. Notes:

Today we are establishing a 1RM Back Squat. All percentages are based on your 2RM Back Squat that you established on 04.27.2022. If you did not perform the 2RM Back Squat on 04.27.2022, please build to a heavy single for the day progressing in weight over the course of your sets. The goal would be to perform a 1RM heavier than the 2RM you established a couple weeks ago.

E.S.D. Notes:

Rep ranges are set so that this conditioning piece has the potential to be highly cyclical and remain unbroken. Move steadily through this workout to maintain a sense of consistency. Try to move faster as you get deeper.