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3 Rounds of:

0:20 L-Sit

0:30 GHD Hip Extension Hold

0:40 Tempo Goblet Squat*

*Tempo: 10 Seconds Down, 20 Seconds Bottom, 10 Seconds Up

1:00 Couch Stretch (per side)

1:00 KB Ankle Mobility Drill (per side)

(Barbell Review of how to safely ditch a barbell)


Back Squat Party (Weight)

Starting at 135 perform 2 back squats EMOM

Add 10 pounds per minute up to 225 pounds.

Add 5 pounds per minute until you cannot complete the 2 reps.

Women start at 75 pounds and go up by 10’s until 135. After 135 go up by 5 pounds.
Score is highest weight completed. If you cannot squat more than 250/165, please scale starting weights back so that you can last more than 15 minutes. If it happens to add up and you fail earlier than expected, perform back-off sets back down to your starting point.


Metcon (No Measure)

2 min Foam Roll Quads

2 min Foam Roll T-Spine

2 min Foam Roll Quads

1:30 Couch Stretch / side