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This will be a fun one to do together on ZOOM!!

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2 Rounds:

3 Sided Plank (:30 per side)(From our hands not our elbows)

10 Scorpions

5 Reverse Snow Angels

5 Push-ups


Death by Pushups (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

1 the first minute,

2 the second minute,

3 the third minute,…
This should be a long workout. I am looking for most people to get 15+ Rounds. Scale to a variation that you could open with 10 Reps in a row. Use that scale from the first round and try to maintain for as long a possible.

Accessory Work

Floor Press (Build to a heavy set of 8-10 Reps)

(15 Minutes)

Scaling options:

Barbell Floor Press

Dumbbell Floor Press

Couch Dips: Every 2:00 x 7 sets for Max Reps

(Scale difficulty to keep the rep range between 10-15 Reps)


We NEED this mobility work after todays pump session!

Metcon (No Measure)

Active & Passive Doorway Stretch:

(Watch from 2:00- 3:00)
Accumulate 5 minutes of the Active and Passive Doorway Stretch.