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2 Rounds of:

8 Scap Pull-ups with 0:03 Hold

10 DBx2 Bent Over Rows (med/heavy)

10 Cuban Presses (light)

10 DB Presses (light)

5/5 Push-ups with rotation to side plank

Then: Set up for pull-ups


Weighted Pull-ups (5-5-5)

8 minute timecap

If you cannot perform unassisted pull-ups, perform 5×5 Pull-up Negatives with a 5-count down (use all 14 minutes for this)

Weighted Pull-ups (3×5)

6 minutes


Metcon (Time)

“Deck of Cards” (Teams of 2)

Numbers on cards = reps

Face Cards = 12 reps

Jokers = 600m Run (both)

Aces= 15 Calorie Assault Bike

Spades = Burpees

Hearts = (Rx) Push-ups

(Rx+) Dips

Diamonds = (Rx) 3x Double Unders

(RX+) 4x Double Unders

Clubs = DB Shoulder-to-overhead (Rx: 40/25, Rx+: 60/40lb)
(23 minute timecap)

*both partners must be at the deck before the next card is flipped. one partner works at a time and the reps can be shared as you see fit.

If you reach the cap ,your score is 23: + the number of cards left.


Metcon (No Measure)

1 min Butterfly Stretch

1 min Middle Split Stretch

1 min Calf Stretch / side