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5 Rounds: (:35 on :15 off)

Assault Bike

Banded Lateral Steps (in place)

Hollow Rocks

Lead by coach:

1:00 Couch Stretch

1:00 Pigeon Stretch

1:00 Side Planks

An in-depth breakdown of the TGU


Turkish Get Up (12 Minutes to find a heavy Double )

IF Shoulder ROM is an issue in the overhead position scale the movement to a Half Getup and stop at the kneeling position.

Good at Get Ups?? Try a barbell Get Up!!


Metcon (Time)



GHD Sit-ups

Unbroken Double Unders
Sub for GHD Situps: 60-40-20 Ab Mat Situps

Scale for Double Unders is 1:00 DU Attempts per Round


2 Minute Banded Quad/TFL/ Hip Opener (per side)

(Kneeling position, facing the rig, with a Pull-up Band around the rig and hooked to your straight leg)