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Core Development

200m Run

10/10 Palloff Press Reverse Lunges*

5 PVC Passes

50’ Banded Lateral Steps

:30 Side Planks

*while holding a Palloff press at extension and bracing slowly complete 10 alternating reverse lunges while maintaining a perfect Palloff position per side.

Metcon (Time)


Wall balls (20/14)(10’/9’)

Ski Erg Calories

2x Hollow Rocks

14 Minute Cap

Metcon (Calories)

4 Rounds: (3:00 working | 1:00 Rest)

120m Shuttle Sprint

Max Calories Assault Bike

*Goal is to complete over 100/80 Calories over all 4 Rounds. Every Calories short atvthe end of the 4 Rounds is owed in burpees to a 1’ target completed immediately after the end of the last round.
Shuttle Sprint (20m-20m-40m-40m)


10 Minute Full Body Yoga Mobility Flow with emphasis on tight hips and shoulders . We are due for a good stretch session!