CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

***Be sure to see me after class, so we can build a game plan for your openers!
***I will need to see your last TWO Sundays of data.
Please bring it with you. You CANNOT leave without going over this with me.
For National competitions, openers and warm-ups are different than usual. Lots of things can happen at these meets, so prepare everything to be super safe.

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Snatch (E2M build to a 1RM)

For example:

1. 50%

2. 60%

3. 70%

4. 75%

5. 80%

6. 85%

7. 90%

8. 95%

9. 98%

10. 101%

3 strike policy in effect

Clean and Jerk (E3M build to a 1RM)

3 strike policy in effect

Front Squat (Build to a Heavy Single)

Then 2×3 @ 85% of heavy single. Note in comments.

Glute-Ham Raises (3×8-10)

As hard as possible