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400m Run

40 Lunges

15 Banded Ext. Rotations w/ Press

0:30 Chinup Grip Hanging Hollow Hold

15 PVC Passes

15 Reverse Grip PVC Passes

15 PVC GHD Hip Extensions


0:30 Side Plank /side

10 Wipers / side

10 Scorpions / side

15 Palloff Presses / side

Waiter’s Walk (HEAVY)

1:00 Handstand “Stuff”

10 1-arm DB Push Press / side (moderate-heavy)

Metcon (Time)

50 DB Overhead Lunges (40/25), 25 DB Push Press

200m Run

40 DB OHL, 20 DB Push Press

200m Run

30 DB OHL, 15 DB Push Press

200m Run

20 DB OHL, 10 DB Push Press

200m Run

10 DB OHL, 5 DB Push Press

200m Run

Cash-Out: 50m Sled Push (6x45s / 6x25s)
OHL and Push Press are to be done with a single dumbbell. Split up your left/right work evenly. For example, 50 OHL = 25 OHL lunges with my left arm followed by 25 OHL lunges with my right arm.

Scale so that you can perform 25 DB Push Press unbroken. Sub for OHL will be a Suitcase Lunge.

We know that the 25/15/5 sets of push presses will be uneven from left to right. Get the extra rep on your weaker side for all of those reps.