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This will be the most epic pump we’ve ever done. This is not the order it has to be done. You can mix and match sets/exercises how you want. Just keep track and get it all done. It will be tough to fit this all in, so make sure you’re supersetting some of these. We will discuss possible ‘pump strategies.’


For “Prison Friday,” the sets can be completed in any order. The order it is in is what I think is the best bang for your buck, but feel free to mix it up based on the availability of equipment and by preference.

Prison Rules

DB Bench Press (5×10 AHAP)

Pull-ups (5x MAX REPS)

Dips (5x MAX REPS)

Barbell Bicep Curls (5×10 AHAP)


Barbell Skullcrushers (5×10 AHAP)

DB Hammer Curls (5×10 AHAP)


Metcon (Time)


Calories Assault Bike

Double Unders

*Rx+: Unbroken Double Unders