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Well, I have 3 brothers, 3 sisters and a mother and father. I am second to the last one. So that makes me the baby girl of the family. All of them including myself are over the age of 30. Now you’re thinking,…[Read More]

Vanetta Mayo

I just had a baby and was a few months away from my beach destination wedding! I came to CrossFit ATR to get fit, fast-and I did. I stayed at ATR because of the coaches, the community, and the camaraderie this gym fosters. The coaches truly want…[Read More] 

Alicia Dolan

CrossFit ATR At A Glance

Through fitness, it is our goal to guide you toward a vigorous, supportive, and healthy lifestyle!

Located in San Diego, California, CrossFit ATR provides an outstanding CrossFit, Competition, Strength and Conditioning Program, & Mobility Coaching, and Sports Therapy; all within an exceptional facility.

CrossFit is for EVERYONE. Any workout can be scaled or modified to meet individual abilities regardless of fitness levels. Don’t be intimidated. Our community fosters your growth every step of the way. Stop by and witness a class or sign up and schedule a free introductory meeting.

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