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I just had a baby and was a few months away from my beach destination wedding! I came to CrossFit ATR to get fit, fast-and I did. I stayed at ATR because of the coaches, the community, and the camaraderie this gym fosters. The coaches truly want…[Read More] 

Alicia Dolan

I made the switch to CrossFit ATR prior to my wedding in early 2014. Three months post marriage, I was pregnant and still working out strong. The coaches were pretty incredible through my 9 months of pregnancy and I’m happy to say I was at Crossfit ATR…[Read More]

Amanda Ibong

I started at ATR in December of 2012 with the sole expectation of temporarily looking good for my upcoming wedding, in February of 2013. At that point I was close to 30lbs overweight and heading towards an unhealthy & unhappy life …[Read More]

Dave Harris

CrossFit ATR has been my home for almost 3 years now. The coaches love what they do and they genuinely care about their classes. Because the coaches care, the members are successful. I also love the energy in this gym. The members are welcoming…[Read More]

AJ Isabelo

CrossFit ATR At A Glance

Through fitness, it is our goal to guide you toward a vigorous, supportive, and healthy lifestyle!

Located in San Diego, California, CrossFit ATR provides an outstanding CrossFit, Competition, Strength and Conditioning Program, & Mobility Coaching, and Sports Therapy; all within an exceptional facility.

CrossFit is for EVERYONE. Any workout can be scaled or modified to meet individual abilities regardless of fitness levels. Don’t be intimidated. Our community fosters your growth every step of the way. Stop by and witness a class or sign up and schedule a free introductory meeting.

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