Kelley Schlager

Holistic Health Practitioner

Kelley Schlager – HHP

Certified structural integration therapist

kelley_schlager“Injury treatment and prevention specialist”

As I see it, it all originates in the mind, events depend heavily on motivation. If we develop a good heart, real appreciation, love and compassion for others, our life will improve.

I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for 22 years, I am blessed to have studied under such amazing people as Dr. Ed Maupin, Dr. Rick Gold, Taoist Priest John Davidson, and Buddhist Lama Teshe of Portland Oregon. I have an honorary certificate from the Guild of Structural Integration as a certified Rolfer. I have worked and specialized in the prevention and treatment of injuries for all of my career. I have given a presentation to the AMA on the treatment of low back injuries with non-invasive modalities. My education includes a Holistic Health Practitioner National certification. I studied with Dr. Maupin for 4 years on structural integration, I studied with Taoist Priest John Davidson for two years on Eastern philosophy and its medicinal application in western society. I studied High performance exercise kinesiology with Paul Chek. I work with some of the best medical professionals in the country and fortunate to call many of them my friends. I love my chosen profession, for many years now my major source of happiness comes from being able to help those who are hurt. I absolutely love it when someone fights back from injury and allows me help find the correct way for them to do it. I am fortunate to have worked with two different Olympic teams and have the privilege to say I have 20 world champions of varying professions as past or present clients, I was the team therapist for Monster drinks and the x-game athletes from 2009-2014. Proud to say that I have a above 75% podium rate for those I work with. I am currently working with several NFL players and travel with my clients often to meet their needs to heighten their performance and overall quality of life. My clients have flown me as far as Sweden to treat them and their family members. I have easily treated over 12,000 people and have a strong following in San Diego, LA, and Nevada and now Portland that keeps my private practice alive and well.