Tom Hill

CrossFit Coach

Tom Hill – CrossFit Coach

trainer-tom-mainTom Hill has been in the fitness industry since 1998. His intense dedication to fitness began at a young age. Tom was given a gift that allowed him to succeed in athletics and fitness. At a young age, Tom became recognized as a 3 time New Jersey state wrestling champion. Tom was also recognized for his baseball talents at state and national levels. Dedicated to making the most of his ability, he knew training and nutrition would be the biggest supporter for his success. After noticing the difference fitness has on his success and life, Tom wanted to use his gift and knowledge to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Over the past 15 years, Tom has trained and studied under many highly trained coaches in various areas of expertise. Having the opportunity to train and study under these coaches gave Tom the skills necessary to succeed and be an effective gym owner and coach himself. Tom has a strong background in speed and agility training, powerlifting, Olympic style lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, and sports specific training, as well as, sports specific nutrition. Tom’s experience includes having worked with Professional UFC fighters, World Champion Jiu-Jitsu competitors, Professional football and baseball players, American Rugby athletes, and high school wrestling and baseball teams. Tom’s experience has provided him expertise in athletic training and preparation. Tom’s approach to CrossFit is different from that of most CrossFit gym owners.

Tom’s athletic theory is based upon a different, more advanced philosophy. It is based upon years of research and training various athletes, including his experience as a catcher on the Kansas City Royals. Tom’s model concentrates on enhanced athletic performance. He believes performance is not measured by skills practiced in sports, but by the development of physical elements such as speed, strength, agility, quickness, balance, and power. After experiencing first hand the results of a balanced Strength and Conditioning program, combined with Mobility, and Nutrition, he strongly believes that these three components are the key to success. If one of these three components is missing the results a person is looking to achieve can be greatly affected and in the long run can lead to imbalances and injury. Tom has taken this belief and transformed it into the cornerstone of CrossFit ATR.

At CrossFit ATR every client that walks through the door is provided with the knowledge of the proper movement patterns of each lift, an in depth breakdown of the mobility and range of motion issues based on their skills and ability, along with the knowledge to correct those issues.

Providing our client’s with this knowledge significantly increases our client’s ability to achieve their goals. Tom’s common quote says it all, “You tell me your goal. I’ll show you the path. Together we can accomplish anything”.

Tom Hill’s Credentials:

State University of New York, Bachelor of Arts Degree
Multiple time All State NJ High School Wrestler
Multiple time All State NJ High School Baseball Player
Professional Baseball Player (Kansas City Royals)
ISSA Sports Specific Nutritionist
CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coach
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
RKC & HKC Kettlebell Certified instructor
CrossFit level 1 Coach
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
CrossFit Judge Certified
Emerson High School Hall of Fame Inductee