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1a.) Before Class Hour

– Foam Roll: Quads/Adductors/Glutes/Hamstrings

– Adductor Rocks: 10E (Slow)

– Single Leg Extended Glute Bridge: 2 X 10E


1b.) 1 Round (0:00-12:00)

– 2:00 Ride/Row (EASY)

– 15E Bird Dog

– 12E Single Arm KB RDL + High Pull

– 10 KB Goblet Kang Squat (Same KB)

– 8 T-Inchworm w/Push-Up

* With the remaining time, have athletes grab barbells, demo S.F.P prep movements, and transition.


2a.) Foundation/Prep: 6:00 EMOM (REST :30 between sets) (12:00-18:00)

Minutes 1-3: Stage Snatch Pull (:01-:02 Pause off ground, B/K, A/K, Hips)

Minutes 4-6: Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (Hips, A/K, B/K)

* See workout notes below.

* Allow an additional 5:00 for athletes to build in weight and prepare for S.F.P.

2b.) Snatch: Every 2:00 for 6 Sets (23:00-38:00)

– 1 Power Snatch + 1 B/K Snatch + 1 A/K Snatch w/65%+ (Building)

* See workout notes below.

* Allow 6:00 to brief E.S.D, demo any movements, and for athletes to prepare all equipment for the workout.

Power Snatch


Hang Snatch


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10:00 AMRAP: (44:00-54:00)

– 9/7 Calorie Ski

– 6 Thrusters (115/85)

– 3 Bar Muscle-Ups

* Level 3: RX

* Level 2: Barbell (95/65), C2B Pull-Ups

* Level 1: Barbell (75/55), Pull-Ups (Banded if necessary)

* See workout notes below.
* Allow 3:00 to transition into adaptation.


4.) (57:00-60:00)

Minute 1: :20E Thread the Needle

Minute 2: :45 Twisted Lizard (R)

Minute 3: :45 Twisted Lizard (L)


S.F.P. 2a.) Notes:

Perform w/PVC or empty barbell. Progress in weight from snatch pulls into power snatches. Athletes can use power snatch intervals to start building to percentage for S.F.P.

S.F.P. 2b.) Notes:

Percentage is taken off your 1RM Power Snatch. If you DO NOT know your 1RM Power Snatch, go off an RPE Scale of 6-7. This is an unbroken complex. Start by performing a power snatch, then move immediately into a snatch with the barbell coming below the knee, then a snatch from above the knee. With today being a “pull” focused day on top of us being in the “Concentric” Phase of our Triphasic Cycle, we are using this complex to focus on finishing our pull with an emphasis on turnover speed. The power snatch establishes a mindset of speed and aggression where we can carry that over into our lifts from the hang position. Have the need, the need for speed.

E.S.D. Notes:

Rep ranges are set for this workout to be highly cyclical meaning you should never have to break on any of the movements. If you feel you will start to need to break up the BMU, please move immediately to C2B. Everything needs to be performed smoothly and quickly, moving at a steady pace for the entire 10:00.