Thursday will not be active recovery… We are Squatting!!!!
July 2nd: 9:30am ONLY (no 10:30 class)
July 4th: 8,9 and 10am only
August 27th beach or bay day with the Fit Fam. Mark your calendars, details coming soon 🏖

Saturday July 2nd is our Pride workout. We are only having a 9:30am class! NO 10:30am class! There will be water balloons involved so plan on getting wet with sweet and/or water 😬

This workout is open to friends and families, the workout will be fun for all fitness levels! Dress to impress with you fun, rainbow, pride proud outfits.

We will be accepting donations for a LGBTQ nonprofit 👍🏼

CrossFit ATR – CrossFit

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1a.) Before Class Hour

– LAX Ball: Trap/Pec/Rhomboids (Scap)

– Prone Single Arm Reach-Roll-Lift: 10E (Slow + Controlled)

– Half Kneeling Single Arm Banded Face Pull: 2 X 15E (w/:02 Pause)


1.) 1 Round (0:00-15:00)

– 1:00 Ride/Row (Build In Pace every :20)

– 15 Scapular Pull-Ups

– 12 Alternating Shoulder Taps in Plank

– 8 Push-Up Plus (Full ROM Push-Up w/Scapular Abduction/Flexion/Protraction at top)

– 8E Single Arm Ring Row

* Use the rest of the time to brief S.F.P, demo movement, and allow athletes to warm-up their Bench Press.


2a.) Every 3:00 for 6 Sets (15:00-33:00)

– 3 Bench Press (w/75%+ Building)

– 8E Alternating KB Gorilla Row (

– EASY Bike/Ski/Walk for the remainder of the interval.

* See workout notes below.

* Allow 5:00 for athletes to break down barbells and put away equipment for the work to follow.

2b.) Every 4:00 for 4 Sets (38:00-54:00)

– 12-15 Banded Strict Pull-Ups

– 15 Wall Balls (20/14)

– Active Ski (Preferred), or Bike

* Level 4 (RX+): Strict Pull-Ups, WB (30/20)

* Level 3: RX

* Level 2: 8-12 Banded Strict Pull-Ups, WB (14/10)

* Level 1: 12E Single Arm Banded Lat Pulldown OR 8-12 Ring Row, 10-12 WB (14/10), Active EASY Ski/Bike

* See workout notes below.

* Allow 3:00 to put away equipment and for athletes to gather for adaptation.

Bench Press

Alternating KB Gorilla Row


3.) (57:00-60:00)

Minute 1: :20E Banded Lat + Banded Bicep (R)

Minute 2: :20E Banded Lat + Banded Bicep (L)

Minute 3: :20E Eagle in Saddle


S.F.P. 2a.) Notes:

Bench Press should start heavier than 2 weeks ago (06.15.22) and should have a goal to lift more than you did for your sets of three on 06.08.22. After completing your Bench Press and Alternating Gorilla Row, move to a Bike (Preferred), Ski Erg, or walk at a slow pace for the remainder of the interval.

S.F.P. 2b.) Notes:

These sets should be challenging but able to be performed unbroken or in no more than 2-3 sets per movement. The active Ski/Bike is important and should be performed for the entire interval until you have :30 left to prepare for the next set.