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1.) 2 Rounds (0:00-12:00)

– 2:00 Machine of Choice

– 8E Prone IYTW (

– 8E 90/90 Shin Box Rotations w/Hip Lift (

– 8E Elbow on Knee Shoulder External Rotation (

– :30 Wall Sit w/Single Leg March (

* With the remaining time, demo any movements and allow athletes to prepare for BURN.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

2.) BURN (12:00-37:00)

25:00 AMRAP: (w/Partner)

– 800M Run w/WB (20/14)

– 40 Alternating Synchronized Squats w/WB

– 40 Synchronized Sit-Ups w/WB

– 600M Run w/WB (20/14)

– 30 Alternating Synchronized Squats w/WB

– 30 Synchronized Sit-Ups w/WB

– 400M Run w/WB (20/14)

– 20 Alternating Synchronized Squats w/WB

– 20 Synchronized Sit-Ups w/WB

– 200M Run w/WB (20/14)

– 10 Alternating Synchronized Squats w/WB

– AMRAP in remaining time: Synchronized Sit-Ups w/WB

* See workout notes below.
* Allow 3:00, then transition into adaptation.



Minute 1: :45 Standing Straddle

Minute 2: :45 Cat/Cow Transitions

Minute 3: :45 Up/Down Dog Transitions


E.S.D. Notes:

One partner will always have the Wall Ball. The wall ball can be passed at any time on the run. When performing your synchronized squats, partner 1 will squat with the wall ball while partner 2 squats, when partner 1 stands up, they will pass the wall ball to partner 2 and then both will immediately squat together. This movement can be performed almost like a miniature wall ball shot. DO NOT chest pass the ball. Arch the ball a little and stand a foot or two away from your partner for a smooth transition between reps. Synchronized wall ball sit-ups are performed by both partners performing a sit-up together, only one partner has the ball. You will pass off the ball to every rep. Distance and rep scheme decreases. If you make it to the end, accumulate how many sit-ups you can in the remaining time.