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Bent Over Row (10-10-10-10-10-10 (try to beat 5/3 data))


+You are looking to increase load over every set.

+If you are unable to increase load due to weight limitations then increase the time you hold at the top of each rep.

EX: 1st set – no hold at the top of each rep

2nd set- 1 second hold at the top of each rep

3rd set- 2 second hold at the top of each rep


+Rest as needed between sets (1:30-2:00 Rest)

+Variations for Bent Over Rows:

Barbell Bent over Row

Dumbbell Bent Over Row (1 or 2 DB’s)

Back Pack Rows (As Heavy as Possible)

Ring Rows

Banded Rows (with a Pull-up band)

Pull-ups (6 Sets of Max Reps (Try to beat 5/3 data))

I would like for you to warm-up your pull-ups and make sure you have a scale or variation that will allow you to complete no less than 8 Pull-ups on your opening set.

Rest as needed between sets (1:30-2:00 rest)

Metcon (Weight)

“A. Anaya WOD”

3 Rounds:

(Dumbbell can not be put down until the full round is completed)

1 Round rep scheme is 1+1+1 /2+2+2 etc.. to 5+5+5 (PER HAND)

DB Hang clean

DB Hang C+J

DB Hang snatch

2 min rest
tracking heaviest unbroken weight