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3 Rounds of:

5 PVC Passes

10 Step Duck Walk (slow, work that ankle mobility!)

10 Russian KBS (medium/heavy)


Deadlift (2 every 1:30 x 8 sets)

Increasing weight


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 min AMRAP of:

5 Strict Pull-ups (Rx+: Strict Chest-to-bar Pull-ups)

10 Alternating Single-arm RKBS (71/53)

60m Shuttle Run (20m down and back then 10 down and back)
For scoring purposes, the 60m Shuttle Run will count as 2 reps, one for each shuttle length.


Metcon (No Measure)

2 min Foam Roll T-Spine

2 min Wishbone Stretch (against wall)

1 min Pigeon Stretch / side

2 min Wishbone Stretch (against wall)