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50m Walking Lunge

10 Walking Toy Soldiers

10 Walking Toe Touches

5 Burpee Broad Jumps

15 GHD Hip Extensions

15 Banded Ext. Rotation w/ Press

15 aKBS (Moderate)


Everyone has 50 burpees after the warmup (5 Minute Cap).

Dumbbells, Wall Balls, Kettlebells and Bumper Plates are being returned to the wrong places on a regular basis. We need to start taking an extra second to put our equipment back correctly.

Thursday I will be relabeling and reorganizing the rack. Please make sure everything gets returned to its proper location going forward and hold each other accountable. It’ll only help improve our experience at the gym. Thank You!


DB Lunges (10-10, 3×10 per leg)

15 minutes.

Holding weights at your sides, completing the 10 reps in an up/down fashion on one side before switching legs and doing it on the other side. Please start on your weaker side.


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds of:

50m Walking Lunge (53/35 per arm)

50m KB Front Rack Carry (53/35 per hand)

immediately into

50 DB Hang to Overhead (35/25)
Scale so that you can start 50m of each movement unbroken without slowing your pace. This will be outside so bring your knee sleeves (and maybe your shades depending on the time of day). Your Hang to Overhead dumbbell weight should be cake. Like you should try your best to complete all 50 unbroken. There are no requirements in having to alternate hands. Do it as you see fit, but remain even in count on both sides.