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Accessory Work

4 Rounds:

2 Turkish Get-ups (Per Side)

10 Band Pull aparts

10 Palloff Presses

3 Rounds:

Banded Lateral Steps ( )

10 Banded Glute Bridges

20 Wipers

1 Round:

800m Run

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:

6 Alternating DB Clean and Press (AHAP)

100m Run with DB (same weight as C&P)

5-10-15-20 Burpees to a 1′ Target
Each round the burpees will increase 5 reps

Burpees must be done with the new CrossFit standard. Both feet back and up together and both hands must touch an object 1′ higher than standing reach.


1:00 Per:

Pigeon Stretch

Banded Quad Stretch

PVC Lat stretch (over a box)

Pec Stretch (on foam roller)