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A) 3 Rounds: (:35 on :05 transition)

Jump Rope Skills (Single, Double or Triple Unders)

Cuban Presses (10/5/2.5lbs)

Side Plank Right Side

Side Plank Left Side

B)100ft Dumbbell Plank Pull Through (50ft moving right then 50ft moving left)(30/20lbs)

C) 10 Minute Shoulder Front Rack Mobility


Shoulder Press (5×5 )

Immediately followed by 10/8 calorie max effort Assault bike sprint. Rest :90 per round.

These are BANDED Presses. Each barbell will be hooked up with 1″ or 1.5″ pull-up bands that are connected to kettlebells. Warm up and figure out a weight to use for all 5 sets. Work in groups of 3-4 per barbell for this.

DB Rows (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1)


Dumbbell Rows (per side)

Handstand Shoulder Touches

Scale Shoulder Touches to 1 Wall Walk per round with 5-10 second hold @ top of Wall Walk or Dumbbell Strict Presses (10-1)


2:00 Foam Roll Quads

2:00 Couch Stretch

2:00 Pigeon Stretch

1:00 Pec Stretch