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Come dressed in something related to our character today (colors) or just something of heavy nerddom or be subject to character-based trivia. 5 burpees per incorrect answer.

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0:30 Hollow Hold

15 Wall Squats

15 Banded Ext. Rotations w/ Press

10 Rope Knees-to-elbows

15 Wall Balls

1:00 Handstand Progressions


Empty Barbell Warm-up + Drills


The most well known villain of all time, The Joker. Rightfully so, as he is quite possibly the most unpredictable antagonist ever.

The Joker (Time)

Workout CANNOT be done alone. You must share equipment with someone else (Rope, Barbell, Box, and Wall Ball).

Complete the following and partition reps however you’d like:

10 Rope Climbs (15 ft)

25 Jerks (135/85)

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

75 Wall Balls (20/14)

*Thoughts: The Joker loves chaos and messing with people’s heads. You cannot plan the workout with your ‘partner.’ The purpose is to have a social experiment and see if people will use equipment that the other person wants to use and potentially make their time worse, by keeping them off that particular piece of equipment.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Joker workout unless there were consequences. The person who finishes slower, has to do 30 Burpees at the end of the workout.