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Pertinent Information:

Saturday, June 1, CrossFit ATR is hosting an OUTWOD.

OUTWODs are 100% inclusive, not only of gender and sexuality, but also of fitness level.

Here’s how it works!

1. First – visit the ticket link, or if you’re too lazy to find it – just click this link —> to register yourself.

2. You’ll get an email confirming your registration AND giving you a little step-by-step on sharing the event fundraising page.

Do you have to fundraise? No. Does it make you cooler, likeable, more awesome? Pshhh Duh!

Every OUTWOD has a goal of raising the most funds as possible for The OUT Foundation. You can read more about our work here

3. Now that you’re all registered and fundraising has begun, head on over to the OUTWOD shop and get you some gear…we recommend grabbing some more Pride gear wherever you can find it. Not that it’s beauty contest…but it’s definitely a “who wore it best” contest. More rainbows. More reps.


0:30 Single Unders

0:30 Double Unders

0:30 Triple Unders or Crossovers

20 Banded Face Pulls

5 Double Push-up Inchworms

5 PVC Passes

100 ft. PVC OHL

2:00 Handstand Progressions


Empty Barbell Warm-up and Drills


Split Jerk (1 EMOM x 10)

Building up in weight throughout


Metcon (Time)

15 min AMRAP of:

20 One-arm DB Overhead Lunge

30 Double Unders

20 One-arm DB Overhead Lunge

300m Row

Rx: 40/30, Rx+: 50/35
The first set of OHL, all 20 reps should be done unbroken with the DB on the weak side arm for the entirety of the movement. The second set of OHL should be done entirely on the strong side arm. You cannot split each set as 10 on one arm, 10 on the other. Scale DU to an amount to be done in 0:45 or less.