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1:00 Assault Bike or Ski Erg

Banded Monster Walk + Lateral Steps

Walking Toe Touches –>

Bodyweight Lunge <--
10 Wipers

10 Scorpions

20 Banded Ext Rot Low

10 Ext Rot and Press

200m Run

Accessory Work

15 Minutes (4-5 sets increasing in weight on DL and Wood chopper)

8 Single Leg Deadlifts (per side)

8 Banded Palloff Press figure 8’s (use a small band for this)

8 Plate Wood choppers (per side)

Metcon (Calories)

2 Rounds For Calories/Reps:

2:00 Assault Bike

2:00 Rest

2:00 Ski Erg

2:00 Rest

2:00 Running (40 yard shuttle)

2:00 Rest
The shuttle is 20 yards down and back.

Each 40 yard shuttle is worth one Rep.

Sub Ski Erg for Rowing Calories