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10 Scap Pushups

10 Scap Pullups

10 Band Pull Aparts

10 PVC Passes

10 Reverse Grip PVC Passes

0:30 Hanging Hollow Body

1:00 Handstand “Stuff”

20 Banded PVC OHS

15 GHD Hip Extensions

20 Wipers

15 Cobras

10 Scorpions

10 B/N Snatch Grip Press (45/35)

5 Pause OHS (45/35)

Guided Group Power Snatch Work

Power Snatch (Build to a Heavy Double)

15 minutes. Must be a touch and go double.

Isabel (Time)

For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
Choose a weight that you can cycle for reps and look smooth and efficient. This is meant to be a burner, but not because you move super fast- it should be because you move efficiently. Slow=Smooth, Smooth=Fast. Typically, we like people to get an Rx on a benchmark workout as soon as they have the capacity, but not when it comes to olympic weightlifting movements. Scale so that you can look smooth while performing these reps.