CrossFit ATR, CrossFit ATR North – CrossFit


250m Row

10 Scap Pushups

10 Scap Pullups

15 Banded Y’s and Low External Rotations (per side)

15 Banded Squats

10 PVC Passes


10 PVC Snatch Balance

10 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Presses (45/35)

Guided Empty Barbell OHS work

Snatch (1 rep EMOM x10)

Building up in weight

Metcon (Time)


OHS (115/75)

Burpee over Bar

Rx+: 135/95
Choose a weight on the OHS that you can both (1) Squat Snatch no problemo and (2) can handle for at least 10 reps in a row. Breaking the set of 21 into more than 2 subsets is no bueno.