CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

California State Games program starts 05/14/2017

#whatsfrutlifting (Build to Heaviest)

Snatch Balance + OHS + Back Squat + Snatch Balance

#doubledip (Build to Heaviest)

Power Clean + 0:02 Dip Hold + 0:02 Dip Push Jerk

Back Squat (Build to Heavy Single)

then back off sets of 2 and 3


If you’re doing CrossFit tomorrow, DO NOT do this.

Bulgarian Split Squat (1min AMRAP per leg)

Single Leg Squat w/rear foot elevated on bench, box, or similar.
Males: 1/3 bodyweight per hand. Females: 1/4 bodyweight per hand. Scale weight as necessary. Adequate=10 reps/leg, Athlete=15 reps/leg, Pro=20+ reps/leg.

Accessory Work

Overhead Plate Flyes (3×10-12 @ 2.5-5kg)

DB Sidebends (3×12 per side @ 20-35lbs.)