CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

Strength cycle starts today for the month of April. This is a downtime for weightlifting meets and primetime to build up strength. As we get closer to the Cal State Games, we’ll parlay our newfound strength into our classic lifts.

Back Squat (Build to a Heavy Double)

then back off sets of 4,6,8,10

Hang Snatch (5×2 @ 80%)

Straps encouraged

Push Press (Build to Heavy Single)

Then back off sets of 2,3,4,5


#yudodistomedar (Heaviest)

2 Hang PSn + Sn Grip Push Press + Sn Balance + Snatch

Accessory Work

GHD Hip Extensions (3×10 @ 15-20kg)

Overhead Plate Flyes (3×10 @ 2.5-5kg plates)