CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

Snatch Balance (Heavy Single)

Done together every 2 minutes. We will build up over 7 sets.

Push Press (5×5 @ 85%)

If you don’t know your 1RM (and thus your 85%), you will spend this time finding your 1RM. In either instance, you will only have 13 minutes to get this done.

Tempo Front Squats (Every 3 minutes x 6)

Note your tempo in comments
0:10 down + 0:02 pause. Heavier than you did last time. We will do these together. If this is your first time, start with 65%

GHD Lat Sweeps (3×10 + 0:10 Hold on last rep)

Empty bar. Be better than last time. OWN THIS.