CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

Congratulations to all of our competitors this weekend at the Cal State Games. It takes hard work and willpower to train like you did and out takes guts to step out on stage. You all made me proud in each of your own ways. Next up: The Double Barrel Open.

Snatch Balance (7×3 @ 80%)

Performed every 2 minutes, together.

Push Press (10 minutes to find a Heavy Single)

Then drop to 80% of HS. We will do 5-4-3-2-1 every 2 minutes, together.

Back Squat (Heavy Single + 3×8 @ 70%)

22 minutes to finish this

Snatch Pull (5×3 @ 70-80%)

5 Point Pause High Pulls

Barbell GHD Hip Extensions (3×10 @ empty bar)