CrossFit ATR – CrossFit

ATR Holloween WOD 2.0 (Time)

400m Run

40 P. Cleans (H) – 35 P. Cleans (Z)

200ft Bear Crawl

50ft Monkey Bars Traverse

50 Wall Ball Shots

4 Rope Climbs

*3 burpee penalty each time you fall off monkey bars, then resume where you left off

Rx: Cleans 165/105

Wall Balls 30/20

Rope Climb: 15ft


• Humans start the WOD first.

• Zombies will start at a later time (coach determines).

• Humans and Zombies selected by coach

• Zombie must try to catch the humans in the WOD

• Each time a zombie catches a human – 10 Strict Pull-ups (after wod) for that human

*If the zombie does not catch any human- 25 Strict Pull-ups (after wod)
Tanktop Tuesday Advantage: You get to do Hang Power Cleans instead of Power Cleans.