CrossFit ATR – CrossFit


Row 500

Banded Walking Circuit

Clamshells (15 per leg)

Single Leg Glute Bridges (15 per leg)

Hollow Holds (3x :25/:10)

3 Sided Plank (2x :30 on all 3 sides)

GHD Hip Ext (Barbell/PVC)(2×12)

Pallof Presses (12 each side)

Medball Russian Twists (12 each side)


Back Squat (“Back Squat Party”)

Every Minute on the Minute:

2 Back Squats

Start at 135/95 and add 10 pounds every minute up to 225/135 pounds.

At 225/135, add 5 pounds per minute until you cannot complete the 2 reps.