CrossFit ATR – Barbell Club

We will be making Nemesis Weightlifting singlets soon. If you are looking to buy a singlet, hold off. We will have them before the Games.

Barbell GHD Hip Extensions (1×15 @ 15-20kg)

Snatch Balance (1RM)

3 strikes and you’re out. Warm-up thoroughly to build up proper timing and build confidence. Aim for 110-115% of your snatch.

#theromaleosmademedoit (Build up to heaviest)

Snatch Pull + 2 Below Knee Snatches
Must complete within 5 sets

Back Squat (3×8 @ 75%)

Week 1- 3×10@65%

Week 2- 3×8@70%

Only 90 second rests

Snatch Pull (3×3)

Standing on 25kg plate, 5 second descent.

Snatch Pull (5 Point Pull, 3×3)

2 second pause at 5 points- 1cm off floor, below knee, above knee, mid thigh, contact. All 3 sets same weight. Choose wisely. Slowly lower weigvht back down as well.